Field Engineer, QAQC, Project Electrician/ Mechanic, Rigger, Welder & Winch Operator Jobs

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Kindly note that we have a current vacancy for the following positions:

  • Field Engineer
  • QA/QC Supervisor
  • Barge Foreman
  • Anchor Foreman
  • TTS Crane Operator/Main Crane
  • Project Electrician
  • Project Mechanic
  • Line up Operator
  • Rigger Foreman
  • Rigger Leaderman
  • Fitter
  • Welder Foreman
  • Manual Welder (Deck Welder)
  • Winch operator

East Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Latvia, Lithuania)
Indian (India, Pakistan) Far East (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia) are preferred.

• Starting date: July 2021
• Working schedule: 7 days per week – 12 hours per day
Rotation: 58 days on-board / 28 days off-board
• Duration: 3 months renewable
• Travelling days and any day-off shall be payable
• Board, accommodation, air tickets (economic class) and medical insurance are provided.
• Medical certificate shall be at care and charge of personnel.
• Personnel must be with valid BOSIET certificate (please specify cert. exp. date)

Please send your CV along with your certificates with the position in the subject to my email address

7-day of quarantine at 50% of daily rate
Boarding port is Canary Island

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