June 7, 2023

Multiple Drilling Engineer Jobs

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Our client is looking for experienced personnel in the following positions:

  1. Drilling Superintendent
  2. Completions Engineer
  3. Drilling Engineer
  4. Drilling Services Manager
  5. Senior Drilling Supervisor
  6. Senior Drilling Engineer
  7. OpenWells Data Engineer
  8. Drilling Base/Marine Superintendent
  9. QAQC Supervisor (Drilling)
  10. Day Drilling Supervisor
  11. Night Drilling Superviso
  12. Rigsite Drilling Engineers
  13. Completions Supervisor / QAQC
  14. Materials Man
  15. EHS Supervisor

If you qualify, kindly send your cv to doreen@qedi-ng.com or ezeogu.ifeoma@qedi-ng.com

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