Material Coordinator 56/28 Rotation

Oil And Gas Jobs

Job Title: Material Coordinator (Drilling and Completion)
Location: Iraq
Rotation: 8 weeks on/ 4 weeks off
Contract: Day rate, 3 years contract


• Five (5) years working experience in OiI and Gas field.
• Engaged in the materials supervisor position for above three (3) years and be
familiar drilling and completion tools and materials.
• The experience of operating SAP software is preferred.
• The experience of oversea project (S) is preferred: especially in Iraq or Middle
• Fluent in Chinese and English (must)


• Responsible for tracking and updating the Department Tool and Material Inventory
List. And report to relative people for procurement and start PR (Purchase
Request) in SAP system to notice Procurement Department if any shortage of tools and materials are detected.
• Responsible for the periodical data update and clean-up of Department tools and
materials in SAP System as scheduled by COMPANY.
• Responsible for the annual inventory audit of Department materials and tools in
warehouse as required by COMPANY
• Responsible for the management of the delivery and receipt of newly purchased
• Responsible for the load-out of tools and materials from warehouse to well site.
• Responsible for the return of the used tools and materials from well site to

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